Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Music City Wedding Theme

Here is a lovely example of how to use our Spirit of Nashville postcards to create a special touch to your Music City wedding. It was practically free—but the effect looks like a million bucks!

The bride and groom had both lived and gone to school in Nashville, and that’s where they fell in love. They wedding would be in LA, their new home. The venue was very organic and modern, but also had rustic touches, so they decided to go with a kind of "South meets SoCal" wedding theme. To give the reception a touch of Southern Comfort, the couple picked some amazing barbecue for dinner, and decorated the tables with simple flowers in mason jars. They used Spirit of Nashville postcards to help guests find their tables.

Instead of traditional table numbers, they framed two sets of postcards and had one set on the front table, when guests first walked into the venue, and the second set on all the tables. It was so fun to hear people say, “Oh, we're at the Belcourt Theatre table.” They put college and grad school friends at the “Vanderbilt” table. And, of course, the head table was “NashVegas.” (The couple’s home is filled with Spirit of Nashville vintage art, and they loved incorporating that personal touch into the wedding.)

We think they did an excellent job! This clever use of postcards would work for creating a Music City theme for any event. Now, isn’t that inspiring?

Photo credits: Stone Crandall