Friday, June 10, 2016

Mas Tacos, Por Favor!

As you walk in the door, you feel the steam from the kitchen mist your face and the spices quickly tickle your nose. Orders are ringing up in a frenzy but your eyes quickly meet to the menu board where just about anything you get will be muy satisfecho.


Teresa Mason converted a mid-’70s Winnebago into her own personal taco truck called Mas Tacos Por Favor. Based in East Nashville, she visits other parts of Music City for special events. In addition to tacos, her storefront at 732 McFerrin Ave. serves up delicious soups, tamales and brunch with churros and coffee on Saturdays.



In this hole-in-the-wall treasure with cheap eats, we recommend the elote, plantains, and ANY of the tacos (it's in the name, right?). The line easily goes out the door, so best to come right before or after the main rush for lunch between 12-1:30. With raving reviews from TripAdvisor, these savory and unforgettable tacos have planted its stay in the heart & soul of Nashville.


We were inspired by their eccentric Mexican garage vibe and Dia de los Muertos style, so we created something that would fit in with their environment, and stand out in our collection. Done beautifully in 2012 by Andy Gregg, this bold and 70's feel design will get you in the mood for mas tacos! Check out the print here for sizes and prices!