Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pick a Card, Any Card!

Looking for a stylish gift that will be enjoyed for hours of fun? Our deck of designer playing cards is sure to be a game changer!

As artists and merchants, we try to come up with new ideas on how we can leave a lasting impression on people, on a large or small scale. There are so many ways we have shown off our art with coasters, ornaments, flasks, shot & espresso glasses. We continue to grow with that creative and practical theme with a deck of playing cards.

While you're dealing out for Spades, racing against your opponents in Spoons, or playing a simple game of Go Fish, these playing cards are fun and entertaining for everyone. Featuring our classic designs of skylines, metro parks, eateries, and attractions of Nashville.

We're proud to add this useful and enjoyable representation of our artwork to our artisan gifts collection. Conveniently small in size and easy to pack or carry, you'll have a piece of the Spirit of Nashville that you can keep or give away!

Featuring 54 of our original Spirit of Nashville illustrations, this regulation deck of playing cards is a great gift idea for anyone who loves Music City. This classic pack of cards is a standard 2.5" wide by 3.5" tall. It makes a great stocking stuffer or a gift basket filler item! At the awesome price of just $11.99, check it out here or in our store for purchase!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Sweet Stracciatella = Summer Satisfaction

In a city where hot chicken reigns, you need something cool and delicious to wash it down and satisfy your sweet tooth. Luckily, we've got the one and only Legato Gelato bringing smiles and filling our sugary cravings. Located in Edgehill Village, next door to Taco Mamacita, it's become a hub for your Italian dessert fix. While we don't have poster designs for Legato Gelato like we do for other restaurants or hot spots in town, we did have the privilege of designing their brand and packaging.


Founder Terri Ann-Nicholls discovered her love of gelato in Spain. After getting married in 2010 and moving to her husband's hometown here in Nashville, she decided to pursue her passion for gelato and start her business. We've done a good amount of artwork for local businesses, and we enjoyed the process of designing a brand that's light, fun, and simple.

While their flavors vary, the ones that are normally featured are: madagascar bourbon vanilla, stracciatella, sicilian pistachio, hazelnut, coffee, dark chocolate, and lemon. Check out their website ( for the other 37 flavors that come in waves. You can also follow their Twitter account (@LegatoGelato) for daily posts on what featured flavors they carry. We recommend stracciatella which is milk-based with little chocolate flakes infused or pistachio for a nutty, Italian taste with a sugary coating.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Mas Tacos, Por Favor!

As you walk in the door, you feel the steam from the kitchen mist your face and the spices quickly tickle your nose. Orders are ringing up in a frenzy but your eyes quickly meet to the menu board where just about anything you get will be muy satisfecho.


Teresa Mason converted a mid-’70s Winnebago into her own personal taco truck called Mas Tacos Por Favor. Based in East Nashville, she visits other parts of Music City for special events. In addition to tacos, her storefront at 732 McFerrin Ave. serves up delicious soups, tamales and brunch with churros and coffee on Saturdays.



In this hole-in-the-wall treasure with cheap eats, we recommend the elote, plantains, and ANY of the tacos (it's in the name, right?). The line easily goes out the door, so best to come right before or after the main rush for lunch between 12-1:30. With raving reviews from TripAdvisor, these savory and unforgettable tacos have planted its stay in the heart & soul of Nashville.


We were inspired by their eccentric Mexican garage vibe and Dia de los Muertos style, so we created something that would fit in with their environment, and stand out in our collection. Done beautifully in 2012 by Andy Gregg, this bold and 70's feel design will get you in the mood for mas tacos! Check out the print here for sizes and prices!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Parks and Dancing and BBQ, Oh My!

Did you know? ...That the ONLY life-size replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece is right in our backyard? Literally.

One of the best parts about our location in downtown Nashville is that we have a beautiful park beside us. There are many places to relax, study, and play in Centennial Park but the attraction that's hard to miss is the Parthenon.


The Parthenon serves as a museum featuring art pieces from 19th and 20th century American artists. Check the Parthenon's website for what exhibits are happening now, along with hours/ticket prices/FAQ:

(The Music City Trolley runs through the park, so if you're a tourist for a day, enjoy the hop-on and hop-off service through the park!)

Centennial Park has become home to locals, tourists, explorers, fitness junkies, dog walkers, food trucks and musicians. Every weekend in the summer, local bands, vendors, food trucks, and artists gather together to celebrate the best of Nashville at Musician's Corner. For the calendar of events, check out their site for more information:

Beginning in June on Saturday evenings, Centennial Park Big Band Dance showcases FREE (yup, you heard me, free) swing, tango, foxtrot, rumba, waltz and cha-cha dancing lessons along with live swing music playing from 7:30-10:00 p.m. It's encouraged to bring a lawn chair, get snacks at the Centennial Café, and dance till you can't no mo'.
For a full list of the dates and music playing:

To begin or end your day in the park, you'll need some good Nashville grub to get you through. Luckily, we have a little piece of heaven to fill you up. Hog Heaven, that is. We may have plunged our tristar flag into the title of Best Hot Chicken, but it's no question we've got bbq on lock as well. Conveniently located next door to us and Centennial, it's a perfect quick pit stop into a world of savory sauces on hard-to-forget meat. For menu & hours, check out their site:


Here's our prints for the Parthenon, Centennial Park, & Hog Heaven!

                               Purchase here!                 Here too!                  Yup here I am!
                      You got it, right here!  Here, you know you want to!  Here, piggy piggy!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Go Nuts for our Donuts.

What does Krispy Kreme, Shipley's, and Dunkin' Donuts all have in common? They ain't got nothin' on Fox's Donut Den.

When it comes to food in Nashville, we value authenticity and strive to give experiences you won't forget. Located in Green Hills, you can find the best donuts in Nashville. Don't be alarmed if there's a line going out the door- that's normal and it moves quickly! But due to the popularity (and fresh baked goodness), we highly suggest going in the middle of the day.


Alongside their cake donuts with rich and creamy icing, classic glazed, and fresh donut holes, we also suggest the apple fritters and our personal favorite, the cranberry nut bran muffin. These sugary rings of delight will leave you raving.

Donut Den started in 1973. The owner, Norman Fox, got his secret donut recipe from good friend Oliver Harlow and has been making the best donuts in town ever since! Locals don't really know why there's a Dutch Boy on the sign, but he's always been a beacon of hope for anyone who is craving good coffee and great baked delights!

You can purchase this print here.

Friday, February 12, 2016

We Love You a Latte, Nashville

Music City is famous for a lot of things, but one thing it does really well is: coffee.

One of our favorite places to go is Bongo Java which has two locations. We stopped by the one closer to downtown, which is across the street from Belmont University. On top of Bongo Java being the oldest coffeehouse in Nashville, this place truly celebrates the musical and artistic talents of Nashvillians. On the second floor, there is a space called the Bongo After Hours Theatre, set aside specifically for music and/or theatre.

If you’re looking for something hot, especially in the winter, we highly suggest the grilled cheese (served with your choice of cheese and fresh sides). Breakfast is served all day and the coffee is served with most dishes.

Whether you want something strong and dark, or light and sweet, the coffee you’ll receive here is of the highest quality with the hometown neighborhood diner vibe that you love.

We wanted to design art for Bongo Java because it is a piece of Nashville that celebrates music, art, and a cup of coffee that will soothe your soul.

located in Hillsboro Village across the street from the historic Belcourt Theatre is also part of the Bongo family of flavor and fun. Why call it Fido? Because it is located in an old building that was once a pet shop. While Fido will make your tail wag with its great coffee, it will also make you salivate Pavlovian-style when you browse the amazing menu and wide selection of tasty beers. It is truly a local favorite for breakfast, lunch and dinner! If you like the prints (above & below), you can buy them on our site.

Hot & Cold is right next door to Fido, and it's also part of the Bongo family of awesomeness. It is the perfect place for a quick dessert and/or cup of coffee (which happens to be Bongo!). Serving their popsicles from Las Paletas, this place is busy even in the bitter cold of winter. Upon eating these cold and delicious paletas, we suggest one that is fruity and sweet. Shown here is the raspberry chocolate chip. Their flavors change quite frequently and the list becomes much longer when it’s hotter outside!

Hot & Cold is also in a conveniently located in Hillsboro Village. If you're not feeling a cup of coffee or tea, they serve many sweet desserts including chocolate dipped bananas, cookies, muffins, scones and locally made chocolate and candy from the best sweet spots in Nashville!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Day in Franklin...

There is so much to do and see in the Nashville area. Just to the south lies one of Middle Tennessee’s most charming gems. Franklin Tennessee is where small-town charm and big-city sophistication meet. Since we now have new poster designs featuring Franklin, the designers decided to show you around town.

Downtown Franklin . . .
Visit downtown Franklin for great shopping and dining in a relaxing small-town atmosphere. During your visit you can also see many Civil War historical markers and related landmarks. Franklin has a wide variety of shops to choose from, including trendy boutiques and locally owned shops with hand-made products.

Also . . .
While your downtown be sure to check out Landmark Booksellers – it's located on Main Street and the building actually dates back to the 1820's. It's a fantastic place to browse vintage magazines and books.

The Factory . . .
The Factory at Franklin has an interesting atmosphere for shopping and dining. Built in 1929 this renovated factory building is a great place to shop, dine, or just relax with the family. With everything from a wedding shop to kids pottery classes, there is something for everyone!

Before leaving The Factory be sure to go eat at the Boxwood Bistro. Housed in the old payroll office of The Factory, this American bistro puts a local spin on its delicious dishes. 

As you can tell it's really good! 

The Franklin Theatre . . . 
The Historic Franklin Theater is the heart of Main Street, and was established in 1937 – admission was 25 cents! Located in downtown Franklin, the newly renovated theatre now has movies, plays and live music, making it a great place to end your day or cool off. (It was the communities first air-conditioned building in 1938.)