Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Postcards From Around the World

In this day of texting, Facebook and e-mail, it is always a delight to receive a hand-written note in the mail. Sending postcards is a fun and stylish way to communicate... and collecting postcards has become a favorite hobby for people of all ages.

Postcard Swapping & Collecting
A growing number of people all over the world collect post cards. If you like sending and receiving cool postcards, try using this service.  You will find that folks from other countries LOVE Music City!

Spirit of Nashville post cards

Go to post crossing, fallow the instructions on how to get a post card ID and address, send people across the world Spirit of Nashville cards.

Postcards for our Troops

Our military servicemen and women can always use a card or letter of support from someone in the States. By sending Spirit of Nashville or Art and Soul of America post cards they we can show our appreciation and remind them of home.

Spirit of Nashville Postcard Set or Stationery Note Card Set
Military Address (Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard)

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